Wind Window – Kitesurf

One of the first thing you should learn during your first kitesurf course is the wind window.

The wind window is the entire zone where the kite can fly, is always downwind to you, and his width depends by the lenght of the lines (shorter lines=  smaller wind window).

Keep always your wind window clean from every danger or obstacles (as we explained in the S.e.a. assessment)!!

wind window kitesurf school iko fuerteventura

The wind window is made mainly by 2 zones: the edge  (or neutral zone) and the power zone.

The edge (the green area in the picture above) is the place where the kite  produce less power. Two other particular thing of this place are:

  • We can stop and park the kite in every position on the edge (to have better referiment we use numbers from 9 to 3,  like a clock as show the picture)
  • On the entire boarder we shoul feel the same power (less power as possible). This is just theory, because as closer you go to the ground, less wind you find (gradient of the wind).

The power zone, as the name says, is the zone where more wind end inside the canopy of the kite, for this we feel a stronger pull from it. We send the kite trought this zone when we require more power, like for the waterstart or during some tricks as a kiteloop.

Remember: we cannot stop the kite into the powerzone, only on the edge of the wind window!

Be careful to throw aggressivly into the powerzone when you're still beginner!

Resources: IKO