Right of way (ROW) – Kitesurf

Like when we ride on the streets, also in the water there are rules and right of way, let’s check it togheder.

right of way

  • Golden rule:

when two rider are riding in opposite direction and they are going to cross each other, the rider who is upwind have ti lift his Kite while the rider downwind have to leave his kite lower on the water. This is the most used way to avoid tangles in the water.

  • Entering and editing the water:

when one kiter in entering in the water and another want to go out, the rider who is entering have priority. This because on the shore the Wind could me more disturbed by some turbolences created by the different temperature between Land and water. Also the rider in the water is usually in a safer place.

  • Collision route:

When two kiters are riding in opposite directions and they are in collision route, the rider going to the right (starboard) have priority. The other kiter have to leave him space.

  • Riding in the same direction:

If two riders are going in the same direction and the one in front is slower, he have priority.

  • Riding waves:

Doesn’t matter in witch direction a rider is going when is riding a wave, he have priority. On a wave he have less control on his riding.

  • Other non-kiters in the water:

Stay alway far from other people non-kiting in the water. They May not know how to behave in therms of right of way.

  • Jumping:

When you are jumping, be sure to have at least 30m free upwind to you, and 50m downwind (in strong winds better more)

  • Walking on the beach:

There are no rule about walking with a Kite on the beach, use your common sense, and if you have to walk upwind, try to Keep your Kite over the water.

These are the IKO rules, but we want to add some one:

  • Stay far from swimmers, and Keep them upwind to you.
  • A kiter who is not moving have precedence.
  • Don’t make tricks too Close to the shore.
  • Don’t pass in the Wind window of another kiter.

Usually we teach the right of way in our intermediate course

Resource: IKO

By achim Safety