Kite Lift Service

Ride the ocean in complete safety!

Riding in the ocean can be challenging, specially if you learned to kite in flat water spots or long time ago!
In the Lift Service we'll bring you in the best open water spot, to let you ride without any danger around (other kiter, rocks etc..).
The lift service is not a lesson but you'll have the support of our boat, always ready to help you in case of problems, anyway, if you want to progress kiting and improove your freestyle and/or wave skills, join our Special Courses!

Go kiting everyday!

In Fuerteventura is windy almost every day, but not everywhere, in fact, with north-east wind could be difficoult to find good conditions in the main spots of the north.
With us forget about this problem! We can move and search for the wind with our boat, without long wait on the beach!
kitesurf fuerteventura lesson

The Lift service include all the gear, preparation, transport to the best windy spot and pick-up when you're tired or is time is over.

The duration of the session dipends by the number of the partecipants.