Everybody will be prepared for the water!

Natural Sense Kite Beginner Course Method (the kitesurfing school that invented this method); The first 2 lessons of the Kite Beginner Course(group) we teach on the shore.

Always the instructor is close to you to assist you directly. During the first 2 lessons we prepare you 100% for the water-work lesson. With the Natural Sense kite Beginner Course method, most students are getting so confident with the kite flying and board technic, that after 2 lessons on the shore, they are able to comfortably make their first ride on the 3 lesson. In our opinion and experience, this method of teaching is the most safe, time-efficient and economic way to learn kitesurfing. After the Kite Beginner Course, you will be able to manage the basics of kitesurfing generally on your own and be more confident with your new watersport.

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Personal teaching!

Our courses are generally with 2 students* per 1 instructor, but on the shore(beach-fly) there will be always 1 kite flying each instructor. In this way we can let you evaluate, give you the best teaching and safety on the beach! In the water lesson every instructor will manage a maximum of 2 students at the same time!

Safety first!

The water lessons are mostly done with the support of a boat, to let you practice far from any obstacles (rocks and other kiters) and let you practice in realistic open water conditions!

Premium equipment!

We provide all the material that you need for your awesome and safe kitesurfing courses! Our kites are always in perfect condition and we provide you one of the best equipment available on the market!

We use leading brands like Core & Slingshot

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If you succedeed the Kite Beginner Course and wants to continue progressing, we offer you as a beginner kiter:

Kite Intermediate Course



*Our standard of teaching is the SEMI-PRIVATE LESSON (1 Instructor : 2 Students : 3 Hours), 3h in group of a maximum of 2 students per instructor.

**GROUP DISCOUNT  & VIP Private kite lessons possible (write us a request for the terms and conditions)