IKO Center & VDWS certified instructors!

The Kite Intermediate Course (group) contains "level check" on the shore and "water lesson(s)" assisted by boat, teaching by IKO and VDWS certificated instructors! Every instructor will have the supervision of generally 2 students at the same time, so the instructors will be always ready to advice and help you!

Refresh - new technics 1 on 1!

Natural Sense Level Check Method (the first kitesurfing school that introduce this method).
In the Kite Intermediate Course, you will get first a level check on the shore. The level check is a private lesson (1 on 1) with a kind of kitesurfing refresh program.
During the level check, we check your kite control, bar pressure points, learn you new technics and we will prepare you for the water lesson(group).

Do I need a level check?

Improve your water skills!

After the level check it's time to improve your kiting water skills!
Let's go in the water and our instructors will teach how to become an independent and skilled rider!
Check our Kite Intermediate progression plan!

All the material and equipment in included in the course


If you succeeded the Kite Intermediate Course and you are enthusiastic to learn more,

we can offer you, as an advanced kiter; Kite Special Courses with wave riding (strap & strapless), improving your jumping skills, progressing in freestyle (wave and twin tip).


Generally we teach to a group of 2 student at the same moment per instructor. The hours per session depends by the number of students and instructors are in a group. Duration water lesson will be maximum 3,5 hours, depending by the number of students.

*GROUP DISCOUNT, VIP Private kite lessons & Downwinder possible (write us a request for the terms and conditions).