Frequently asked questions

Natural Sense Kitesurf will never send a message to users asking for money trough Whatsapp.
A moderate amount of fitness is required for kiteboarding as with any sport. Only a small amount of strength is required as our instructors select the right equipment for you every lesson taking into account weather conditions and your experience.
No. Most people can get up on the board during the first water lesson of “Kite Starter Course” with no previous watersport experience.
We communicate in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish fluently!
2 lessons in one day are possible on request. In general, our courses are splitted in lessons of 2-3 hours a day. Your body and mind needs time to assimilate the information given you by your instructor!
We provide group lesson (mostly group from 2 until a maximum of 3 students per instructor). On the shore there will be always only one kite flying for each group of students, so the instructor will be always focused on who is controlling the kite. We can organize also private courses, contact us for any information and to book your favorite course!
Bring to the class: - Sun protection hight factor (50+ recommended) - Sunglasses - Something to drink and maybe some fruit to eat We will provide all the material that you need for the lesson. Of course if you have your own wetsuit and harness you can use it.
On the shore:
- 1 or 2 hours for a level check.
- Private lesson on request.
- Maximum 3 hours for a group of 2 people and 1 instructor.
- Maximum 4 hours for a group of 3 people and 1 instructor.
Boat lesson are maximum 3,5 hours.
The water lessons are mostly done with the support of a boat, to let you practice far from any obstacles (rocks and other kiters) and let you practice in realistic open water conditions!
With a maximum of 2 student per instructor, we will leave the harbour to find the best place to practice kitesurf in good and safe conditions.
The instructor will prepare the kite for you, he will explain the exercises and help you to improve your riding skills.
There will be a maximum of 3-4 kites in the air at the same time, so if the students are more than 4, we will use a rotation system to guarantee the same time in the water to everybody.
The best solution for you will be to make a level check with us, before joining the boat session. Your instructor will test your kiting skills on the beach and knowledge about kitesurfing (safety system, method of waterstart etc.) , preparing you for the boat session, so you can start to enjoy your class from the first minute in the water.


In case you did kite lessons more then 3 months ago...
I have IKO level less then 3K.


I did the Natural Sense Kitesurf Starter Course
I have IKO level 3K or more