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    *The PRICES are per Person and for Pack of Sessions in Semi-Private (2 Students x 1 Instructor)
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    . . . SHORT REFRESH: 1,5h
    If is more than 3 months since your last kite course always better to refresh on the beach your Kite control to better to improve in the open water?
    . . . LONG REFRESH: 3h
    If you had your last course long time ago and you want to consolidate the bases of the control to faster improve in the deep water, we really suggest a Long Refresh of 3h on the beach.
    Yes + 60€ -Yes, Long-Refresh +100€ -No, I have a good control of the Kite
    *The PRICES are per Person and for Pack of Sessions in Semi-Private (2 Students x 1 Instructor)
    Choose the Lift Service that you like

    The Lift service gives the right to go out with the boat, be launched, rescued 1 time when you want to finish the session and checked during all the time.
    To do it you need to ride upwind, downwind and be able to keep kiting around to the course group.
    (if done with own equipment the price is not different but the session time could be longer)

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