Holiday suggestion: download the apps Viber and WhatsApp.

Download free apps (for smartphones) when you go on vacation.
To save you unnecessarily high telephone costs, you can reach Natural Sense kite surfing school and SUP school Fuerteventura by Viber and WhatsApp. You can get free mobile calls with Viber to other mobile phones that also have Viber. With WhatsApp you can sent free text messages. The downloading of Whatsapp is not for free. There are also useful free apps for wind forecasts, wave height tide predictions and sea tide tables.
Ideal to have the apps as kitesurfer, stand up paddler and surfer.
Interesting apps for kitesurfing is Windfinder and WindGuru.
For surfing and Stand up paddle (SUP) surfing are the apps
MSW (magicseaweed) and TidesPlan12 interesting.